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IF: Industrial Fashion parade, part of Hobson’s Bay Council’s Art and Industry Festival, Melbourne, celebrating art and industrial heritage. Produced by Hubcap Productions.

On behalf of the Loom Room, Kerrie initiated the proposal and successfully applied for funds to be part of the IF. Costumes produced celebrated the AFL Western Bulldogs Football Club as a significant industry for the region. 


The Loom Room is a vibrant community hub inspiring people to learn, share, and be involved in craft and artistic expression. A diverse group of 30 – 40 people from various cultural backgrounds, ranging in age from 40’s to 95 years, meet weekly.


For the fashion parade, the Loom Room designs showcased costumes and other celebratory items including scarves, beanies, headbands and pompoms which was performed to the Western Bulldogs theme song. Images photographed by Kerrie formed a backdrop to this performance. 


The fashion parade costumes were created over 520 hours and a 5-month period by 23 women. Tarius McArthur was the key designer who was assisted by a core group of other women (Tiffany Westphal, Dee Smallwood, Karin Bouvin) who developed techniques to enhance the design elements such as, hand made string, crocheted scallops and wrapped balls in netted flounces.


Kerrie was key in engaging Loom Room participants in this community arts event, promoting inclusivity and ownership as well as joyful involvement. 

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