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Kerrie is a visual artist based in Darwin and Melbourne, whose practice incorporates textile sculptural installation, printmaking, digital and mixed media.

Her work responds to the beauty of the natural world as part of, and nurtured by its First Nations.

Kerrie’s fascination and passion for mangroves grew when she lived for two years on Bathurst Island, home of the Tiwi people. She walked with an Elder as he showed his grandson how to find mud mussels within the mangroves. Their foraging on country was rich with cultural and spiritual teachings. Kerrie saw the intertidal zone in new light, saturated with meaning.

Kerrie creates strongly layered, richly textured imagery, mimicking the intricate mangrove root environment. Using repurposed materials, Kerrie's fibre installations integrate traditional coiled weaving, crochet and wrapping techniques with contemporary assemblage methods. Kerrie abstracts mangroves often in vibrant color to bring a new way of seeing this hidden landscape.

The work reflects Kerrie’s deep respect for Aboriginal wisdom and hope for a way forward to connect to, love and protect the land.

Kerrie has participated in a solo and many group exhibitions and has been a finalist in a number of art prizes including the Wyndham Art Prize. She has also exhibited internationally.

Some of the work is available for purchase. Please contact Kerrie if interested.